Saturday, October 6, 2007

El Botellón

Hello friends... Here are a few photos of the
phenomena known as el botellón. It's where a lot of people, young and old, get together to basically consume alcoholic beverages and loiter in the street... I did a head count... and there were about 500 people there. They make cocktails with liquor and soda, but the traditional way is to mix red wine with coca cola. This would warrant some type of reaction from the riot police in the U.S., but not here... ¡Viva España!... stay tuned.

UPDATE: The botellón has now been prohibited throughout Spain, and it appears they're enforcing it vigorously. Since Almería was the last vestige of the botellón, it's quite possible that I was able to witness the very last one that will ever exist, what luck!


Tena said...

So you travel thousands of miles to a land where English is a foreign language and there is not one catsup bottle in sight - and you take pictures of drunken young people carousing in the streets....not feeling quite so homesick anymore, huh?

Anonymous said...

Apparently you weren't reading very well, Tena....there were old drunken people there too.

Viva la gente borracho!!!