Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Olé - La plaza de toros de Huércal-Overa

Hey folks: Well, I went to a small town about and hour northeast of Almería called Huércal-Overa. Every municipality has their own time during the year when they have their town celebration. This normally includes a fair with rides and food vendors, however this one also included a bull fight. Now, personal feelings aside, the bull fight is a great place to witness true Spanish culture. Here are a few photos and videos. Viewer discretion is advised...

The opening act.

Those are the ears of the dead bull he's holding.

Steeped in tradition...

Below are some videos I took, The first one
was at the feria, this vendor is showing us
how churros are made. This classic Spanish
pastry is normally eaten with thick hot chocolate.
They're kind-of like funnel cakes but tubular,
and without the powdered sugar. Yum!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lunch Time

Hey folks. I've been busy with my duties as Assistant English Teacher. Monday through Wednesday we eat lunch, the most important mean of the day, with the elementary school students of La Mojonera. The food is homemade Spanish fare, not the D.I.S.D. burritos and pizza that I remember. The photo shows lunch in full swing, and the video shows them coming into the cafeteria. FYI: the gentleman in the white shirt at the end of video is my boss, Don Antonio Sanchez. I hope everyone back home is doing well. The 26th of this month marks my one month anniversary in Spain, and the longest amount of time I've been off Texan soil.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Angel Frígola

My fellow Americans... What's up?
Here's a few pics of my new home in the sleepy agricultural town of La Mojonera. It's a small school by American standards. Only a hand-full of teachers for about 100 kids... The kids are great. I think they enjoy having someone around with a funny Texan accent. There was a recent article in the local newspaper describing how all of us American English teachers are going to give the kids a Yankee accent. I had to remind them that calling someone from the south a Yankee... well... "them's fightin' words." God bless...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

El Botellón

Hello friends... Here are a few photos of the
phenomena known as el botellón. It's where a lot of people, young and old, get together to basically consume alcoholic beverages and loiter in the street... I did a head count... and there were about 500 people there. They make cocktails with liquor and soda, but the traditional way is to mix red wine with coca cola. This would warrant some type of reaction from the riot police in the U.S., but not here... ¡Viva España!... stay tuned.

UPDATE: The botellón has now been prohibited throughout Spain, and it appears they're enforcing it vigorously. Since Almería was the last vestige of the botellón, it's quite possible that I was able to witness the very last one that will ever exist, what luck!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

City by the Sea

Hello everybody... I went to Granada for orientation, but unfortunately I forgot my camera. These are more pics of Almeria it's a city surrounded by mountains that come right to the sea. It's quite different for me to live so close to the sea. It's really cool though... sometimes there are wind surfers and there's always a nice breeze coming off the Mediterranean. It's not as humid as I thought it would be either. It's quite a juxtaposition, the land is so arid... yet there's water everywhere. More pics to come... like of La Mojonera and the elementary school I've been assigned to... until then...