Friday, September 28, 2007

Perfect Strangers

So... Here are my roommates while I live in Almería. The young man on the left, normally not so disinterested, is Hans. He's from Belgium and is teaching at the high school in La Mojonera. The girl on the right is Haley and she's also teaching at the high school. I'll be teaching at the elementary school in the same town. Who would've thought that a guy from Texas, a girl from Maryland and a guy from Belgium would be living together in southern Spain teaching English? I sure as hell didn't.


ngonzales said...

love it, can't wait to read about all of your adventures.....put me on your distribution list!

MR C FROM BIG D !!!!! said...

It's a "different world" in many places, the first for you and, if desired, many more of the same.

Chavi said...

Well written article.